zondag 21 april 2013


Spring break is over and school has started again. Yes, I'm currently crying in a corner pretending to be a carrot. Okay. That made no sense. I apologize. *goes back to the corner to cry*  Anyway, school is the perfect opportunity to wear the most extravagant and crazy-ass clothes. Okay, maybe not... but you can more or less wear whatever you want. I took photographs of my outfits every day and I'm sharing it with you guys. Ps, I apologize for the poor quality & all the shizzle you can see in the back of the photos, but I took them in the morning (7am), so yeah.. Enjoy!


As I mentioned earlier in my spring fling post, I'm in love with this mint colour. Today I wore a mint coloured sweater with blue pants from H&M and blue su├Ęde shoes (this reminds me of Elvis' song ;-) ). I absolutely love these shoes! They're very comfortable to walk in and they look fabulous


 I've mixed and matched today's look. I wore a white top with a pink neon skirt (you can't really tell on the photo) mixed with a dark blue blazer. I wore black-crossed tight and awesome shoes with neon yellow platforms. I am in love with these shoes; I love the fact that they're basic beige on top and a flashy, neon yellow colour on the platform. I apologize for the mud on my shoes, but me and my friends ate in the parc this afternoon because of the nice sunny weather! 


Today I wore a Hi low dress with leggings underneath (until zhe knees). I wore the same blue shoes as monday, becasue they are currently my all-time favo onessss. I wore a lot of accessories (rings &necklaces --> photo coming soon). 


Today was a pretty casual day. I wore a beige top from Zara, a black Jacket from 3suisses, basic black pants and my all time favo sneakers: converse all stars. I took this picture while shopping with my sister. I finished trying on my clothes really fast, but my sister still had 3 more things to try on, so I decided to wait in the cabin (because I HATE waiting outside, where everyone is checking you out). I also decided I'd take my OOTD in here, since the mirror is really tall and there's enough lightning.


Please excuse my serious face, haha. Anyway. FRIDAY's are the BEST days. No joke. I LOVE fridays! Who doesn't, right?? Last day of school, weekend is coming, freedom is coming.. Ahhh.. Too bad it's sunday today! The most miserable day in the whole wide world. I'm mentally preparing for monday. Hate mondays. They're so.. ugh. You know what I mean? Anyway, I'm really writing BS.. I should stop.. Yes. I'm going to stop.


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