dinsdag 16 april 2013


Warning: my title has nothing to do with this post. Well, it has nothing to do with a spring fling ;-) I just used it as a title because I think it sounds pretty awesome. SPRING FLING. How cheeky is that? Anyway, since spring break is over ( sad faces all over the place), I decided to make a post about my 4 spring favourites. Enjoy!

1. MINT  


I have always loved pastel colours, because they give me a springy feeling and it just reminds me of happy and sunny times. The colour I've been addicted with lately, is green mint. It's literally the cutest colour ever! I actually wore a mint green sweater to school today and I just polished my nails in mint green. I'm in a mint green vibeeee !



Whether you wear them in your hair or wear them as bracelets, bows are IN. They are literally the cutest things ever! Bows also add this girly look to the whole pastel springy look. Bows are a definite YES for me this spring.



Whether you like it or not, prints are EVERYWHERE and don't deny it.. you love it! I know I sure do! From floral prints to aztec prints, every print is unique in its own way!



How can you NOT like these babies? These are the most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen in my life. No joke. Okay, yes, I might be exaggerating.. just a little bit. I have decided to buy the second pair, the galaxy ones. All I've got to do is convince my mommy to buy it online. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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