maandag 4 maart 2013


Have you ever thought about a world without art? What would life be without it? What would life be without creative minds? Or without colour? You have never thought about this, have you? I honestly think art makes our life "rich". Richer in colour. In giving us new point of views on life. I couldn't imagine a world without art. Art gives us a way to be creative. It makes us express ourselves in our own ways. For some people art is just a way to spice up their living, or to add colour to their home. But for some people art is a way of living. Art is the reason why they wake up every day. Art has a meaning for them. Art is life. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, this post is going to be about art! These are random things I have found on the internet throughout my days I spend surfing on the internet. It may be possible I don't remember the artist's name or so. I apologize for that. But hey, no man is perfect, right? Enjoy! 


Takahiko Hayashi

Katharina Grosse

Nathan markham(left)  & Graphikh (right)

Kevin Townsend

Brian-vu (tumblr)


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