zondag 10 februari 2013


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away",  "Eat well, drink in moderation, and sleep sound, in these three good health abound", "You are what you eat" etc. Do these sound familiar to you? Well, maybe not all three of them, but you know at least one of these proverbs, don't you? It's about health, health and more health! Eating healthy is very important, because after all.. you are what you eat. Anyway, this post is going to be about working out and losing weight and health in general!

Look at the picture above. How many times have we said "I'll start tomorrow"? More than we can count, right? I know I did. I was aaalll about excuses last year. I'll start tomorrow, I don't have time, I have to work for school and more of this BS. How could we possibly not have time to work out for 30 mins? I mean, seriously? We have time to lay in the couch and watch the television for hours, but a 30min workout is too demanding? You can work out. You really can. 
But the thing is.. we're just too lazy to do so. It's really hard to get started, but once you have, it's amazing! Working out is amazing! No one can deny that. It releases endorphins which make you happy; you eat healthier, because you feel healthier AND you feel great after a work out! I have never ever heard anyone say they felt bad for working out. EVER. 

A question people around me have been asking is "How did you lose weight?" At first, I didn't intend to lose weight. At school, we had to run for PE and I was really bad at it. I was always one of the "last" girls running and I was sick of it. In five weeks, we had a huge running test coming up and I decided to do something about my bad running. I started running every single day. Every single day I got better at it and when I finished running, I wanted to run even more. I eventually got addicted to running. It made me feel like I had everything under control. I was free while running. Just me, my music and my playground. My hard work eventually payed off. I was one of the "first" girls running at school and got great marks. Even the teacher was astonished. (Jaay!)

I eventually got injured  and couldn't run for five weeks. This made me very very sad. Anyway, I noticed that I couldn't fit into my pants anymore. No, they were not too tight.. They had all gotten too big! I was literally swimming in my pants! I wondered how this happened, because I didn't change anything about my eating habits (I never ever gave up my Nutella).

 I discovered that I lost weight thanks to running! THIS, my dear readers, was the moment where I got really motivated to work out even more! I was willing to do whatever it took to get a healthy & toned body. And I did it. I worked out every day, except for sundays, and I kept losing weight. I also ate a lot healthier and cut off the chocolate! (I'm sorry, Nutella. You will always stay in my heart)

I have to warn you though, I didn't blink and lost weight. It was a very very slow process. But it will pay off eventually. I promise! Anyway, I'm ending my post here. I will try to write every other day about health, fitness and losing weight. I will also post workouts I followed to lose weight. You can do this and if you can't.. Push yourself, because you can!

The healthy ending.

All pictures are from tumblr.

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