dinsdag 12 februari 2013


Damn, I ate too much. I didn't just have ONE bad day, I had THREE in a row! What should I do? My answer to this? DETOX! Detoxing "flushes" all of the bad guys out of your body and you can REstart your healthy diet/lifestyle or whatever you would like to call it. This post will contain a 3-day detox guide and a recipe to make some detox water!! 


Preparing time: 10 mins
Makes: 2 litres

What you need:
2 litres of Mineral water
1 Cucumber, sliced
1 Lemon, sliced
4 stalks of Mint or 15 Mint leaves
A pretty Jug/ bottle to store


The next day eat/ throw out the cucumbers, lemon and mint and just make a fresh batch.
Wash and slice the lemon and cucumber. Fill the jug/ bottle with 3/4th water. Toss the cucumber slices, lemon and mint in. Give it a good stir. Pop into the refrigerator overnight. Drink in the morning.
Detox water makes for a great alternative to plain old water and a fun way to welcome your guests. And…. It looks awesome sitting on the dining table. (SOURCE: CLICK)

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karen corpuz zei

im looking for a write up like this on any fashion blog cos i am a helath and welness concern too.

Mücize Girl zei

Well, I'm glad I could help you :)