zondag 6 januari 2013

I'm so over being CLUELESS..

Yesterday I was ab-so-lu-tely thrilled to watch the telly. You know, the little black box that has pictures in them who magically move. I normally NEVER get "excited" to watch the television, but yesterday I was.. All because of CLUELESS! Clueless was my all-time favo movie! I always wanted a computer that stored my outfits.. Why don't we have an app for that? They should make an app for that!! I would totezzz download that app. Anyway, today I was doing a little research on Clueless and their outfits and I bumped into Wildfox Couture's line inspired by Clueless! I couldn't be more HAPPY!! Their clueless-themed lookbook is almost as good as the movie! Soooo, here it is.. Ladies and Gentlemen, the CLUELESS INSPIRED LINE !!

Warning: this is going to be an extremely long blogpost filled with
awesome pictures of the clueless inspired line.

Don't like the pants, but I sure love the diamondyyy top!


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