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SELFIES & SOCIAL NETWORKS (Facebook, Twitter..)

I would like to dedicate this post to a friend of mine. She "inspired" me to write this post. Let me tell you how it happened. So, the other day, I was shopping with her. We eventually sat down on a bench and talked. Then we proceeded to talk about awesome things and I showed her some photos of things I saw online. Then it was her turn. She showed me some pictures, and she slid through the pictures on her phone. And there it was... a selfie. *dramatic music, tum tum tum* She was so ashamed that I saw that and started coming up with excuses and stuff. I was there like, "don't worry girl, we all take selfies!" She shouldn't be ashamed of that.. I mean.. we all do it! We just don't brag about it and put it on a social network (some people do. Yes. I'm serious.)

Me, on a normal day,
taking selfies. Not the
usual kind of selfies.
The weird ones. And
more unique ones.
In my opinion. haha.
So, for the ones who don't know what selfies are, here are some definitions I looked up. Both definitions come from Urban

1. Pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length. Also known as being camera raped, where one person takes many pictures of themselves on anothers' camera.

2. An act usually carried out by girls aged 12-21, the act involves taking photos of ones self while posing. If the act is carried out by a man, he is usually seen as being gay.

I found those two definitions absolutely hilarious, but it basically comes down to the fact that selfies are photos you take from yourself. And yes. We can all relate to that! Don't deny it. We all have those days where our hair reminds us of a sparkly mermaid or where our make-up is fabulous and we just HAVE to capture that moment! So, we just run around the house, trying to find a camera to capture the "fabulous" moment. And the thing is, ONE picture is not enough! Different poses &  different faces are a must. So, there we are, taking hundreds and hundreds of photos of ourselves, because we think we look fabulous.

After you've taken selfies, it's time to edit those. Using a filter here, a little bit more lightning there, adjusting the contrast etc. But (yes there is a but! no, not that kind of "but", you dirty minded human!), there are always people who exaggerate in editing their photos. They use like, 50 different kinds of filters and edit there photo so bad (use of contrast : 100% ; use of contrast: 170%), all you can see are their eyes. And then there are people who write comments like, wow. you're beautiful. & I'm just sitting there like, are you fucking kidding me? You can't even see her face! 

Anyway, let's move on! After the whole editing process ( the little editing process or the over-exaggerated editing process), it's time select one picture out of those 768 photos you took. The reason why you have to select a picture, is usually because you want a new profile picture for a social network or whatever. WARNING: you must only choose ONE picture out of those 768 photos. I repeat, only ONE.

Of course, there are people who ignore the warning and upload EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE. The main reason why people do so, is because they just.can't.choose. They are looking at their photos like, "DAYUM. I look cute it this one" or "Oh, this one is even better, because my hair is wavy-er than the previous one." "Oh this one is abs fab as well". "The 456th photo is cute as well, because my eyes really pop out here" etc. 

After they have decided to upload all of their fabulous and perfect-looking selfies, they put it in an album called "Me, myself and I" or "Me" or something similar to that. My opinion on this one: AN ABSOLUTE NO-NO. You can't put every single photo you've taken, on Facebook. You just can't. It's wrong. It's just wrong ALL THE WAY.

I'm not saying it's not okay to take pictures of yourself or it's not okay to find yourself pretty, but you just can't post them ALL on Facebook or another social network. like, please. Just don't. 

What I hate the most about the people who post thousands and thousands of pictures of them, are what they write in the description. They write things like "I'm sooooo ugly in this one :s". and I'm just sitting there, like, if you're so ugly WHY DO YOU POST IT ON A SOCIAL NETWORK WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE IT?! The reason is ATTENTION. They want attention and they want people to tell them she/he 's NOT ugly. Descriptions like "No filter", "no make-up' or "natural me" really bother me as well. Nobody's blind enough to see they used twenty different filters and that their face is full of make-up. And people don't naturally have black eyeliner, eye shadow and red lipstick on. I mean, do they honestly think we're stupid or something?

Okay, enough complaining about people putting up selfies on social networks. What I'm basically trying to say is, that it's okay to take selfies, as long you don't post them all online. I mean, I have tons of selfies as well.. but no one will ever get to see them. *muhahaha* 


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I really enjoyed this post! your so funny!
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thank you!! :-) this made me smile fo so ! haha