zaterdag 3 november 2012


Did you ever have a favourite item in your closet that you wanted to wear every single day? Well, I definitely have one! My fake fur cardigan. Ever since I bought it, I wanted to wear it But I didn't want to look like I wore the same outfit "". That's why I combined them 3 times completely different from each other and this is how I wore them:


I am absolutely loving this skirt! I love the colours, the print and the "floatyness".
(I think I just invented a new word. haha. With "floatyness" I mean the way that my skirt flows)
I love the fact that my skirt is short on the front and long on the back. I wore this awesome printed skirt 
with black tights, black wedges and a black T!


I don't know WHY, but I felt Spanish in this outfit. Maybe it was because of the colours or
maybe it was because of the fact a Spanish woman said  those flats looked amazing on me.
By the way, she was the main reason I bought those flats in the first place! 
I was doubting between two flats, this one and a dark royal blue flat with skulls, when this Spanish
woman came out of the blue and told me those flats looked amazing. It got me thinking and I just
couldn't choose between them. I eventually decided to buy both. 

Anyway, as you can see I'm wearing a yellow t-shirt with red pants, combined with my blue flats and 
an old school backpack!! God, I love the fact that those are back! I have always loved those
backpacks. Jaaay for old school backpacks! 


Out of the three looks, this looks corresponds the most to the fall trends, because of
the dark colours (black and oxbloooddd). This is a pretty basic look. I'm wearing a
black T, black pants and black converse shoes, combined with my oxblood bag. 

That's all for today.
Love and hugs.

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Lucia zei

Hello :)
First of all,how are you? How did you spend your day?
I was browsing through some blogs and I found yours. I think it's great. You really have a huge potential.
You should publish posts more often.

Also,if you have time I would love you to visit my blog .
maybe we can follow each other?

Darija zei

love your outfits!
following you now, hope you'll follow back!