zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

031012 - LONDON PART 1

Hey there! I just got back from LONDON CITAAAYY and I absolutely loved it. Those 3 days were the best 3 days ever. I officially love London. I love the people, their food, their stores, their accents (!!!) and their sense of fashion. Summary: I just love everything about them! 


Collage made by me

After a long bus ride and a boot tour that lasted forever and ever, 
we went to Camden Town.
Oh God, I can not express how much I love that place! The vibe over there is amazing. 
I have seen a lot of crazy-ass people! I love how everyone has their own style over there.
I've seen punks, hipsters, nerds, fashionista's etc.. I have seen every to the thaanggg!
Anywayz, I'm not going to write too much, because you know what they say,
pictures speak louder than words. *wise moment*

Collage made by me

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Blouseberry zei

How Fun! I need to go to London 2....